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Instructions for completing the online application form

Technical Support

We strongly recommend that you read these instructions before you begin. This will allow you to collect or prepare the necessary information in advance. Reviewing the technical tips below will help you to avoid technical difficulties when filling out the form.

Technical Tips

Some general tips when filling out the application form: 

  • You may find that some "Pop up" blocking software limits your ability to fully access the application form. Please disable any pop up blockers active on your browser.

  • For questions requiring a selection from a drop-down menu, always select the response that best corresponds to your situation. PLEASE NOTE: the selection you make may trigger an additional sub-question asking you to provide further details. Take your time and ensure you enter all required information.
  • For questions requiring text entry, please answer clearly, concisely and in point form. This will make your request easier to review and evaluate.
  • All questions must be answered before continuing to the next page or submitting your request. For your convenience, a Checkmarkwill appear next to each completed question. Missed questions or questions that have been answered incorrectly will be marked with an X

Navigation through the application form: 

  • To help you to see your progress, there is a gauge at the top and bottom of each page showing how far through the application form you are at any given time.
  • To move from one question to the next, use either the Tab key or the mouse (cursor). The Enter key will not move you from one question to the next. When entering text data in point form, use the Enter key to move down within a single text box.
  • To move from one page to the next, click on the Next page button located at the top or the bottom of the current page. (The Back / Forward buttons on your browser are disabled while you complete the form.)
  • If you want to return to a previous page, click on the Previous page button located at the top or bottom of the current page. (The Back / Forward buttons on your browser are disabled while you complete the form.)
  • Should you be unsure about a question, press the List of Questions button located at the top or bottom of the page. This will take you directly to the section of this guide that gives further explanation of that question.

PLEASE NOTE: As you complete the online application form, some pages may take several minutes to load while the information you have entered is being processed. The delay is normal and we thank you for your patience. 

Part One

Organizational Profile

What is the name of your organization?

Enter the FULL LEGAL name of your organization. Incomplete names will make the evaluation of your request difficult.

If your organization operates under another name, please enter it here.

This is not a required field. If it is not applicable, please leave it blank.

Is your organization based in Canada?

Please specify Yes or No. If Yes is selected, you will need to further specify if your organization based in British Columbia.

Please note that preference is given to organizations based in British Columbia or those with a direct relationship to the community we serve.

What kind of organization is this?

Choose the sector that best describes your organization. If you are not affiliated with an organization and you are making a request for yourself (or another individual), select "individual". If you are a business or a registered charity, you will be asked to include your business number. Please ensure that the number is entered correctly - applications with incorrect or incomplete business numbers will not be evaluated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a registered charity, you must enter your organization's registration number (i.e., Canada Revenue Agency [CRA] Business Number). If you do not know or are unsure of your organization's registration number, contact your organization's executive director, lawyer or accountant. Alternatively, visit the CRA Web site by clicking here

You will also be asked to select how your organization is categorized and you may also be asked to specify whether or not your organization is funded by the United Way / Centraide.

Does your organization have a Board of Directors?

Select yes or no. If you select yes, you will be asked to list the names of your board members. If you select no, you will need to describe your organizational structure.

Are you an employee of the Vancouver International Airport Authority?

Select yes or no. If you select no, you will be asked if there are any Vancouver International Airport Authority employees active in your organization or if you have spoken to anyone at Vancouver International Airport Authority.

Part Two

Contact Information

Primary contact person

Enter your full name, or the name of the person we should contact with regard to this request. You will also be asked to provide this person's title or position within the organization.

Contact information: Telephone number / Cell number / Fax number / E-mail address / Web site address

In order that we can contact you we ask you to provide:

· Your telephone number or that of the person we should contact (required) and extension (if you have one)

· Your cell number (if you have one)

· Your fax number (if you have one)

· A Current e-mail address (required). All updates on the status of your application will be communicated to you through e-mail. Regretfully, failure to provide an e-mail address will make it difficult to provide you with updates on the status of your application.

· Organization Web site address (if available)

Address of organization

· Enter your complete mailing address.

Part Three

Request Profile

For reference purposes, please provide a name for this project or initiative.

Enter the complete name of the project you are proposing. This is the name by which this specific request will be referred to during its evaluation and in any follow-up correspondence with you.  

What type of request are you making?

You will have two categories to choose from. Depending on the category of request you select, you will then be asked for some details about the request.

Below are the categories and the information you will be asked to provide for each.

(1) Cash (Your organization is requesting a charitable financial contribution.) 

You will be asked to select whether this is a request for a:

Donation: A donation is typically a cash contribution made to a registered charity. It may also include a gift of product or surplus equipment. In return for a donation, the recipient charitable organization issues a charitable tax receipt to the donor for the full value of the donation.

Sponsorship: A sponsorship is a business transaction between two parties in which the sponsor pays the sponsee for promotion, advertising or recognition. If the sponsee is a registered charity then the organization may choose to issue a charitable tax receipt for a portion of the payment (called "split receipting") that is over and above the fair market value of the promotion that the sponsor receives.

· Specify the total amount requested.

· Specify how the money will be used. For this question you should select the option that BEST describes how the money will be used. If the money will be used for more than one thing, select the option that best describes the PRIMARY use. In some cases, depending on your selection, you may be asked to provide a further description of how the money will be used.

· Specify if any portion of this Sponsorship is eligible for charitable tax receipt.You will be asked to specify the amount that is receiptable. (only asked when requesting a Sponsorship)

· Specify whether you have different sponsorship levels with specific recognition opportunities associated with each level. You will be asked to specify the different levels. (only asked when requesting a Sponsorship)

(2) In-kind (Your organization is requesting a something other than a cash donation that you believe our company can provide.)

· You will be asked to describe the item you are requesting. 

Is there a specific event associated with this request?

Please specify yes or no. If yes, you will need to provide details. This will include event name(s), location(s) and start and end date(s) as well as if this event includes the purchase of a corporate table. If yes, you will need to provide details regarding number of seats to a table, ticketing and dress code.

The Vancouver International Airport Authority focuses its community investment in these key areas, (i) First Nations, (ii) Accessibility, (iii) Environment and, (iv) YVR Community. Does your initiative fall under one of our main focus areas? (Click here for more information on our focus areas)

Select yes or no.

In which area does your initiative have the most impact?

Select the category that best describes the focus of this project. For example: The field of interest of your organization might be Health, but the interest area to which your request relates might be Education, depending on the situation. Remember, the question here pertains to this particular program or initiative. Identifying a specific interest area helps us to evaluate your request more thoroughly.

What is the geographic scope of your request or program?

Remember, here we want to know the geographic scope of this particular request - NOT of your organization in general. For example, you might belong to a national organization but this particular request may be related to a specific community or province.

Part Four

Details of Request

Please describe your project - briefly tell us about your plans.

In general but concise terms, take us through your proposal. Explain the current situation, the need, or the opportunity that exists. Tell us what you plan to do and why.

What will be the impact in the community and how will you measure success?

Tell us, in point form, how this project or initiative will benefit the community. What will be its positive impact? Identify the most important outcomes you hope to achieve. Be specific. Tell us, how will you be able to tell if your project or initiative has been successful? List tangible ways you will be able to monitor and gauge its success. 

Do you have other funding partners involved in the project?

Is anyone else helping you to fund this project? Select yes or no. If you select yes, you will be asked to list up to three major funding partners. You must specify whether these partners are confirmed or tentative, and what their respective financial commitments are to the project. 

How do you plan to recognize donors? (e.g. banners, programs, media recognition, other)

Tell us how you plan to make people aware of your project. How will Vancouver International Airport Authority's contribution be recognized?

Has your organization received funding from Vancouver International Airport Authority before?

Select yes or no. If you select yes, you will be asked to provide details.

Additional comments:

If you require further items or involvement, please provide details.

Part Five

The application form is now ready to submit. 

Here you will be given an opportunity to re-read the completed form carefully and make any necessary changes before submission. If you would like to go back to correct or re-enter information, use the Previous page or Next page buttons at the top or bottom of the application form. (The Back / Forward buttons on your browser are disabled while you complete the form.)

Before submitting the completed application form, we recommend you print a copy of Page 5 for your records. Simply click on the Print page button on the application form. 

When you are ready to submit, click the Submit request button at the bottom of Page 5. You will see a message on your screen confirming that we have saved your application. Upon submission, an e-mail message confirming receipt will be sent to you within 30 minutes. We will then continue to correspond with you through e-mail, keeping you up-to-date on the current status of your request. Due to the large numbers of requests that we receive, we are unable to confirm receipt of individual requests or provide status updates by telephone.

IMPORTANT: Even if you choose to print a copy, the completed application form MUST be submitted online through this website. Due to the nature of our evaluation process, applications sent by fax or regular mail cannot be accepted and will not be evaluated.

Thank you for your interest in Vancouver International Airport Authority and for inviting us to be part of your community project.


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